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Our mission is to advance the scientific and therapeutic understanding of the human brain by combining information science, neuroscience, and medicine.

gAT @ April 2015 IEEE ICASSP, Brisbane, Australia
Thursday, 3/16/15
In steps towards a broadband connection with the brain, this work demonstrates hardware feasibility related to sampling and reconstructing square wave pulses at sub-Nyquist rates using our emerging generalized analog thresholding (gAT) technique. The manuscript examines the effects of quantization error and integrator noise on quality of signal reconstruction.
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He, B., Wein, A. and Srinivasan, L.,Feasibility of FRI-based square-wave reconstruction with quantization error and integrator noise, IEEE ICASSP, Brisbane, Australia, April 2015
Pre-print: PDF

Neural Shaping @ Feb 2014 Information Theory & Applications Workshop, San Diego
Sunday, 2/9/14
This new work outlines an alternative to neural decoding for designing brain-computer interfaces (BCI). The new approach, neural shaping, trains the user to generate patterns of neural signals that asymptotically achieve higher peak performance in operating BCI. The existing approach, adaptive neural decoding, tries to match the user's existing patterns of neural signals to maximize short-term gains, possibly sacrificing the user's peak performance at the end of training.
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He, B., and Srinivasan, L., Neural Shaping with Joint Optimization of Controller and Plant under Restricted Dynamics, Information Theory and Applications Workshop, San Diego, Feb 2014
Pre-print: PDF
2-minute video abstract: MP4
ITA workshop presentation slides: PDF

June 2013 NSPL Celebration
Sunday, 7/9/13

Lab members gather to celebrate a year of exciting progress at NSPL. Congratulations to Alex Wein, heading to a doctoral program in Mathematics at MIT. Professor David Rutledge (Caltech Electrical Engineering) and Zara Armendariz (Luis' new daughter) joined the celebration. Pictured from left to right: David, Mosalam, Alex, Ram, Bryan, Leon, Zara, Luis.

EMBC 2012 Minisymposium Announcement (Posted June 2, 2012)

Radical Strategies in Brain-Machine Interface Algorithm Design
1:30pm, Friday, August 31, 2012
link to session program, including abstracts
IEEE EMBC 2012 (Aug 28 - Sept 1) Hilton San Diego Bayfront, San Diego, CA, USA

Confirmed Speakers: Todd Coleman (UCSD), Karunesh Ganguly (UCSF), Lakshminarayan Srinivasan (UCLA), Emanuel Todorov (UW), Byron Yu (CMU)

Description: The goal of this session is to expand the theoretical perspective on brain-machine interface design beyond the leading edge of existing experimental and clinical investigation. In this special session with panel discussion, researchers in neural signal processing are challenged to present work that highlights their most unconventional explorations of algorithm design for brain-machine interfaces to date.

Administrative Announcement (Posted June 1, 2010)

Laboratory Opening
Monday, 7/1/10, University of California, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Description: The Neural Signal Processing Laboratory opens at UCLA on July 1st, 2010.

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